IPC159 Smart Baby Camera User Manual / Guide

This is the IPC159 Smart Baby Camera User Manual in English provided from the manufacture.

IPC159 smart baby Camera today received the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) certifications.

This IPC159 Smart Baby Camera is a Wi-Fi plug-in camera.

It has a variety of functions such as two-way audio, emergency button, color night vision, video communication, voice prompts remote monitoring, photo and video taking, motion detection, message push…etc.

IPC159 Smart Baby Camera layouts

The camera supports a microSD card’s capacity from 8GB to 32GB!

Download IPC159 Smart Baby Camera User Manual

PC159 Smart Baby Camera.pdf

Language: English

How To Reset the IPC159 Smart Baby Camera

1. Make sure the camera is powered on.
2. Make sure the blue LED indicator is being solid lit.
3. Insert the provided reset pin gently into the reset hole for 3~5 seconds.
4. The reset is done successfully after the voice prompt of “reset success” is heard and the red LED is flashing for Wi-Fi pairing.