Orbic Speed 5G manual / User Guide

Orbic Speed 5G (AKA R500L5) Mobile Hotspot

The upcoming Orbic Speed 5G (AKA R500L5)  Mobile Hotspot has just received the certification from GCF – Global Certification Forum!

Orbic Speed 5G manual / User Guide

According to GCF listing, the Orbic Speed 5G hotspot supports WCDMA bands 2,5,6,8, 4G LTE bands B2, B4, B5, B12, B13, B48, and B66, 5G NR bands N5, N6, N78, N260, and n261

Currently, Verizon Wireless is selling the Orbic Speed (4G model) hotspot for $79.99! The model name for Orbic speed 4G is RC400L.

Is Orbic Speed 5G compatible?

Orbic Speed hotspot with model number R500L5 supports 5G networks.  The OrBic Speed RC400L supports 4G LTE only. 


Download Orbic Speed 5G Manual / User Guide


How to connect your phone or computer to a Verizon Orbic Speed hotspot 5G network

1. Press and hold the hotspot’s power button for 3 seconds until the welcome logo is displayed and WiFi is on.

2. Go to your phone or computer’s WiFi settings and select your hotspot’s WiFi network. The hotspot’s network name begins with “Verizon-R500L5.”

3. To find the hotspot’s WiFi password, repeatedly press the Menu button, located on the side of the hotspot, until you reach the 2.4GHz WiFi Info screen. When you have reached the 2.4GHz WiFi Info screen, press the Power button to view full information. Your hotspot’s WiFi password is displayed next to a lock icon.

4. Enter your hotspot’s WiFi password in your phone or computer’s WiFi settings to connect your device to the hotspot’s WiFi.