TCL Alcatel 1B 5002D

A new TCL Alcatel smartphone with the model number “5002D” was spotted on the Bluetooth SIG Certification website.

According to the Bluetooth SIG listing, The market name of this upcoming “5002d” is TCL Alcatel 1B.

It is an LTE/UMTS /GSM mobile phone that supports Bluetooth SIG 4.2 technology.

Combined Designs112708,138549
Design Name5002D
Design Model Number5002D
Design DescriptionLTE/UMTS /GSM mobile phone
Hardware Version NumberPIO
Software Version Numberv3C77
Core Specification4.2

Maybe the TCL Alcatel 1B will ship with Android 10 Q out of the Box.

As to the TCL Alcatel 1B hardware specs,  we only know that it supports 4G LTE Network and Bluetooth 4.2.

Stay Tuned.