TCL T9x 5129Y surface online

TCL T9x 5129Y surface online

A new TCL smartphone called TCL T9x was spotted on Android Enterprise listings. The model name for TCL T9x is 5129Y and its code name is Tokyo.

Brand: TCL
Name: TCL T9x
Codename: TokyoPro
Model: 5129Y

As per the listing on Android Enterprise Solutions Directory, The TCL T9x comes with Android 10 OS out of the box.

Brand: TCL
Name TCL t9x
Formfactor: Phone
Os: Android 10
Telephone support: Telephony Supported
Fingerprint support: Fingerprint Supported
NFC support: NFC Supported
Zerotouchsupport: Zero-Touch Supported

The TCL T9x features a 6.2-inch display, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of internal storage.

Other specs and features of the TCL T9x remain a mystery!

Stay tuned