ZTE A2121G 5G smartphone receives Bluetooth SIG certification

ZTE’s Upcoming 5G smartphone for 2021, ZTE A2121G, has just received Bluetooth SIG certification today!

According to the Bluetooth SIG listing, the ZTE A2121G is a 5G Multi-mode Digital Mobile Phone! The design model name is ZTE A2121G, and its hardware version is ZTE_A2121G_HW1.0, and its software version is GEN_EU_EEA_A2121G_V1.0.

In fact, the ZTE A2121G 5G  received the WI-FI Alliance certification on November 20, 2020. , So far, we have not seen the ZTE A2121G model name in the FCC database.

Maybe ZTE will announce the ZTE A2121G 5G smartphone in January 2021.


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