ZTE A7020 receives the Wi-Fi Alliance certification

A new ZTE device carrying model number A7020 has just received the Wi-Fi Alliance certification.

Date of the Last Certification: 2020-05-22
Brand: ZTE Corporation
Product: LTE/WCDMA/GSM(GPRS) Multi-Mode Digital Mobile Phone
Model Number: ZTE A7020
Category: Phone, multi-mode (Wi-Fi and other)
Hardware Version: urrA
Firmware Version: TEL_MX_ZTE_A7020V1.0
Operating System: Android, version:  10
Frequency Band(s): 2.4 GHz

The ZTE A7020 is an LTE/WCDMA/GSM(GPRS) Multi-Mode Digital Mobile Phone that ships with Android 10 OS out of the box, As per the Wi-Fi Alliance certification listings.

The Wi-Fi Alliance certification also mentioned that the Firmware comes with ZTE A7020 is version TEL_MX_ZTE_A7020V1.0

Now You can view the ZTE A7020 Certification in digital PDF file format here.