ZTE ZFIVE G LTE User manual / Guide

The ZTE ZFIVE G LTE (aka ZTE Z557Bl) will be available soon from Tracfone, Net10 and Straight Talk. It is Android smartphone powered by Android N 7.0 operating system.

ZTE Z557BL is a GSM variant of the ZTE Z558VL. The ZTE Z55BL uses AT&T towers, while the ZTE Z558VL uses Verizon’s tower.Both ZTE Z557BL and ZTE Z558VL supports 4G LTE network.

ZTE has published the ZTE ZFIVE G LTE User manual in English and made it available for download in PDF format.

ZTE ZFIVE G LTE owners now can download the ZTE Z557BL user manual from below links.

09_22_2017_ZTE Z557BL_UM_EN.pdf

If you need more help on the ZTE Z557BL, Please check the ZTE Z557BL Tutorials here.